Information and services about Багамах.

Full name: Содружество Багамы

Name in English: The Bahamas

Америка, Карибский бассейн

Capital of: Нассау

Domain: BS, three-letter code: BHS

ISO code: 044

Phone code: +1242, access to international line: 011

Currency: BSD

Language: английский (en)

Timezone: America/Nassau, EDT, GMT−4

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Neighbours: Cuba, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Brief statistics

Total 307 451
Male 147 576
Female 159 875
Population growth rate (per year) 0,57 %
Total 13 940 km²
Land 10 070 km²
Water 3870 km²
Population literacy 95,6 %
Life expectancy
Mean 65,72
Male 62,5
Female 69
Military expenditures 0,5 % of GDP

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Domestic electricity

Supply pressure: 120 V

Current frequency: 60 Hz

Types of plugs and sockets: A, B