• World’s most popular languagesWorld’s most popular languages

    The statistics says that today there are more than 6 thousand different languages. Chinese, Spanish and English are the world’s most popular languages.

  • On-line casinoOn-line casino

    You do not have to go to Las-Vegas or Monte Carlo to play roulette or poker, you can do it at home.

  • The most popular multiplayer online role-playing games The most popular multiplayer online role-playing games

    Every evening millions of people run home to their computers after work to become a ferocious magician, wise druid, merciless killer or heroic paladin. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) are very popular now: everyone can choose the world or occupation that he/she wants and it will be cheap enough. At the same time you ought to be attentive and control yourself because video game addiction is very dangerous.

  • The most famous bridgesThe most famous bridges

    A bridge is one of the most ancient and romantic constructions built by people. Some bridges are famous all over the world; they attract thousands of tourists.

  • The most inflated currenciesThe most inflated currencies

    Does the sum of 35 million dollars seem to be a large fortune? There are countries in the world where it will be enough only to buy some bread.

  • 10 best sites for drivers10 best sites for drivers

    Ten best sites for drivers. They tell you about how to bypass kilometers-long traffic jams, how not to be caught by the tricks of the Road Patrol Service, what car to choose and where to learn about the latest changes in the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation.

  • Currency exchange fraudCurrency exchange fraud

    Do you often exchange money? Take care! Law-enforcement authorities state that the number of cases of the currency exchange fraud has grown. In order to make you ready for everything we will tell you about the most popular ways of currency exchange fraud.

  • Russian government in the InternetRussian government in the Internet

    Do you need to find all the necessary information about Russian government bodies? There is no problem. All the government bodies have their own web sites. You may even watch President`s videoblog and leave your comment.

  • Instant payments systemsInstant payments systems

    Payment terminals are not so popular in other countries as in Russia. In this country they are an alternative to electronic cash and on-line systems of payments.

  • On-line lectures of leading universities On-line lectures of leading universities

    Today you don`t have to go abroad to attend lectures of world`s leading universities; you may just connect to the Internet.

  • Sources of economic statistics of the Russian FederationSources of economic statistics of the Russian Federation

    ‘To 2020 the inflation will decrease by...’ ‘Next year Federal budget revenues will stand at...’ Where do specialists get this information and where can you look at statistics they use?

  • Studying on-line: the Russian languageStudying on-line: the Russian language

    Literacy shows how highly cultured one is. Websites of studying Russian will help you to raise your level of literacy.

  • On-line TVOn-line TV

    If you want to watch a TV program you don`t have to switch on TV. You may do it with the help of on-line TV.

  • Image search enginesImage search engines

    To create an image recognition based search is a very complicated mathematical task but today people try to move closer to its solution.

  • On-line determiners of species of plants and animalsOn-line determiners of species of plants and animals

    Today people are not very familiar to the environment. But if you find an unknown plant or meet an animal that have never seen before you can ask on-line determiners of species of plants and animals.

  • Emergency free antivirus helpEmergency free antivirus help

    Your computer picks up a virus and you need emergency help. In this case you may use free online antivirus software.

  • Popular dating sitesPopular dating sites

    Today it is not necessary to go to the night club or just walk to meet a boy- or girlfriend. You may find them in the Internet on one of the dating sites.

  • Web sites about health consultationWeb sites about health consultation

    You may get doctor`s advice not only in polyclinic but also on the web sites about health consultation.

  • Real estate websitesReal estate websites

    Everyone who faces housing problems should use real estate websites. Here you may get all the necessary information about appartments and homes for rent, sale and buying and also ask a specialist for legal advice.

  • Top 10 biggest bandwidth providers in RussiaTop 10 biggest bandwidth providers in Russia

    Ten biggest bandwidth providers in Russia have 73,7% of the Russian bandwidth market.

  • On-line dictionariesOn-line dictionaries

    Today you may save your time and not look up a word in a paper dictionary. Use a dictionary on-line. Modern electronic dictionaries provide the comprehensive information about any word on different topics.

  • Cities covered with Wi-FiCities covered with Wi-Fi

    There are cities completely covered with Wi-Fi in the world.

  • Websites of hotel and ticket bookingWebsites of hotel and ticket booking

    Today you can plan your trip in detail. Websites of booking hotels and tickets will help you do it very easy.

  • Computer online translation Computer online translation

    What should we do if we want to read news, blogs, forums in foreign languages, visit foreign web sites or communicate with people from other countries? In this case computer online translation can help.

  • Amazing search enginesAmazing search engines

    There are amazing search engines that were designed specially for kids or Orthodox Jews in the Internet.

  • Top 10 most popular international news websites Top 10 most popular international news websites

    Today more and more people prefer to learn about the latest events in the Internet. CNN is the first most popular international news website.

  • Top 10 cooking sitesTop 10 cooking sites

    Millions of people all over the world enjoy cooking. And many of them search for recipes on cooking sites.

  • VoIP technologyVoIP technology

    Today voice communication over the Net has become very popular. To call a friend or colleague in any place of the planet you may use a usual phone but VoIP technology will be much cheaper.

  • Top 10 world’s biggest countriesTop 10 world’s biggest countries

    70,8 % of the Earth is covered with water and only 29,2% of its surface is land that is divided among ten largest states in the world.

  • What is threatening to the humanity: two-horned lightningWhat is threatening to the humanity: two-horned lightning

    Every three hours a lightning with a power of 100 thousand amperes strikes on the dark side of the Earth.

  • File sharing networksFile sharing networks

    What is 2P2 file sharing? And how does Torrent work?

  • Ten cities with the most beautiful womenTen cities with the most beautiful women

    According to Travel Digest Magazine the most beautiful women live in Amsterdam. Moscow ranks fifth.

  • The myth about running out of oilThe myth about running out of oil

    Our life depends on oil in many respects. And scientists don`t know its origin yet.

  • The safest airlines in the worldThe safest airlines in the world

    Aero International, a German aviation magazine, has made a list of the world`s safest airlines. The list consists of 60 airlines.Quantas Airways ranks first.

  • 5 hottest places in the world5 hottest places in the world

    There are places where it is extremely hot. The heat sometimes doesn`t slacken for 10 months.

  • When was the world created?When was the world created?

    The world was created on May 25, 5493 B.C., thus, 7502 years ago.

  • Weather informersWeather informers

    Where may one learn weather forecast in the Internet?

  • On-line librariesOn-line libraries

    Electronic libraries have become very popular because of the spread of the Internet.

  • Cities with the most expensive accomodationCities with the most expensive accomodation

    In some cities of the world one square meter of the living space in elite districts might cost a sum of money which an average Russian won't earn for a year.

  • Top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the worldTop 10 most visited tourist attractions in the world

    Forbes made a list of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. As it turned out the top tourist attraction draws are located in the USA.

  • Top 10 world’s smallest countriesTop 10 world’s smallest countries

    Some countries on the Earth are so small that one can easily place them on the territory of a small administrative district of Moscow.

  • Pagan roots of modern holidaysPagan roots of modern holidays

    Some modern holidays that we've got used to consider Christian or even secular have in fact deep pagan roots.

  • The Earth. Cartographic services. The Earth. Cartographic services.

    Cartographic services on-line: map search, distance measurement, browsing photos connected with the selected point of the Earth.

  • Top 10 world’s most populated countriesTop 10 world’s most populated countries

    The population of the Earth is more than 6790 million people. Most of them live in ten world`s most populated countries.

  • Most unstable countriesMost unstable countries

    ’I want you to live in Zimbabwe!’ — you may say it only to your worst enemy. Zimbabwe is the most unstable country.

  • Music is in the InternetMusic is in the Internet

    Where can we listen to music in the Internet? Online music shops, online radio, audio hosting services

  • Top 10 world’s most populated citiesTop 10 world’s most populated cities

    The most populated cities are mainly located in Asia or South America and only one European city is in top 10. It is Moscow.

  • The metric systemThe metric system

    On April 7, 1795 the metric system was adopted by the national Convention of France.

  • The Russian domain zoneThe Russian domain zone

    On April 7, 1994 the Russian domain zone (RU zone) was opened.

  • The history of New Communications CompanyThe history of New Communications Company

    On April 4, 1993 Netscape Communications Company was founded. In the middle 90s its share market was more than 90%.