• World’s most popular languagesWorld’s most popular languages

    The statistics says that today there are more than 6 thousand different languages. Chinese, Spanish and English are the world’s most popular languages.

  • Studying on-line: the Russian languageStudying on-line: the Russian language

    Literacy shows how highly cultured one is. Websites of studying Russian will help you to raise your level of literacy.

  • Popular dating sitesPopular dating sites

    Today it is not necessary to go to the night club or just walk to meet a boy- or girlfriend. You may find them in the Internet on one of the dating sites.

  • Top 10 most popular international news websites Top 10 most popular international news websites

    Today more and more people prefer to learn about the latest events in the Internet. CNN is the first most popular international news website.

  • Top 10 cooking sitesTop 10 cooking sites

    Millions of people all over the world enjoy cooking. And many of them search for recipes on cooking sites.

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