• World’s most popular languagesWorld’s most popular languages

    The statistics says that today there are more than 6 thousand different languages. Chinese, Spanish and English are the world’s most popular languages.

  • The most famous bridgesThe most famous bridges

    A bridge is one of the most ancient and romantic constructions built by people. Some bridges are famous all over the world; they attract thousands of tourists.

  • The most inflated currenciesThe most inflated currencies

    Does the sum of 35 million dollars seem to be a large fortune? There are countries in the world where it will be enough only to buy some bread.

  • Cities covered with Wi-FiCities covered with Wi-Fi

    There are cities completely covered with Wi-Fi in the world.

  • Top 10 world’s biggest countriesTop 10 world’s biggest countries

    70,8 % of the Earth is covered with water and only 29,2% of its surface is land that is divided among ten largest states in the world.

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